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As a trading agency, we not only act as representatives but also as strategic partners for our business associates. We passionately represent their interests and strategically position their products in the market. Our focus extends beyond merely taking on distribution tasks for manufacturers, wholesalers, and importers – we go the extra mile.

Through thorough market research, we not only identify trends but also comprehend the competitive landscape and precisely discern the needs of the target audience. In intensive negotiations with potential buyers, we not only finalize successful deals but also secure the best conditions for our partners. We place great importance on personal relationships and regularly visit customers on-site to ensure direct and individualized support.

Customer service is not just a component of our activity; it is a central aspect. We respond to inquiries, address complaints, and nurture sustainable customer relationships. Brand representation is not just a job for us; it is a commitment. We actively contribute to shaping and strengthening the positive image of our business partners’ brands.

In addition to our distribution activities, we also offer consultancy services in some cases. We assist manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers in making strategic decisions and formulating market entry strategies, aiming to achieve mutual success. Our comprehensive services as a trading agency span the entire value chain, ensuring that the success of our partners is firmly established.

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Sales Agency

As an established trade agency with years of experience, we're proud to have built an extensive customer base in the consumer goods sector throughout German-speaking countries. We represent manufacturers/wholesalers/importers in the market and are passionate about driving successful sales of their consumer goods. With a clear focus on the German-speaking countries, we bring extensive experience in the distribution landscape. Our commitment extends over many years of successful collaborations, and our expertise enables us to develop tailored solutions for our customers' needs. With a strong focus on the German-speaking region, we prioritize sustainable partnerships and provide comprehensive service to meet our customers' individual requirements and celebrate success together.

Customer-Centric Trading Agency

As a sales representative, our relationship with customers is of utmost importance. We see ourselves not only as intermediaries between the companies we represent and the retailers, but rather as partners for our customers. Our tasks not only include the mere provision of products, but also proactive customer service. We are always there for our customers, listening attentively and advocating for their concerns. When challenges arise, we are flexible and work together to ensure a long-term and successful partnership. Trust, transparency, and open communication form the foundation of our relationship with our customers. We value our collaboration with retailers and strive to create added value for their businesses through continuous exchange and a service-oriented approach. Your satisfaction is at the center of our efforts. As a sales representative, our goal is to contribute to the achievement of your business goals through professional services and personal care. We look forward to succeeding together with you.


As a distributor, we ensure the efficient and cost-effective delivery of our partners' consumer goods into the hands of retailers and end customers. Our well-established distribution networks enable seamless logistics and timely deliveries. We offer a comprehensive service portfolio for all business activities in the DACH region. Our distribution activities and consulting services are tailored to the individual needs of our customers, characterized by the highest quality.

Professional Consulting

In addition to trade representation and distribution, we offer customized consulting services. From market research and strategic planning to contract negotiations and after-sales support – we assist our partners at every step of the consumer goods distribution process. Our vision is to create win-win situations, where manufacturers can successfully expand, and retailers can offer high-quality consumer goods. Through our dedicated work and customer-centric approach, we aim to build sustainable partnerships that enable long-term success. Dive in and learn more about how our trade agency and distribution expertise can propel your business in the consumer goods sector within German-speaking countries. We look forward to collaborating with you and celebrating successes together

Trade Agency for Consumer Goods, Distribution and Professional Business Consulting

Consultation for the Strategic Alignment of Your Sales

Tailored to the Current Situation and Future Trends Based on the Individual Needs and Goals of a Company

Market Research

Analysis of market conditions, trends, and competition to make informed decisions in the sales process. Identification and understanding of target audiences, their needs, and preferences

Communication Strategy

Development of a clear and consistent communication strategy that effectively conveys the company's messages to the target audiences. Utilization of various communication channels, such as advertising, public relations, and content marketing, to enhance visibility and awareness.

Lead Generation

  Implementation of strategies for generating qualified leads for sales. Utilization of online marketing, social media, and other channels for lead acquisition.

Brand Management

Building and maintaining the corporate brand to strengthen trust and loyalty among customers. Ensuring a consistent brand representation in all marketing and sales activities.

Analysis and Optimization

Continuous analysis of marketing campaigns and sales performance to identify weaknesses and make improvements.

From Strategy Development to Implementation

Support in Legal, Tax, and Customs Matters for Export to the DACH Region, Especially for Third-Country Companies
Logistics Consulting
Guidance and Support for Establishing a Subsidiary or Branch Office, Especially for Third-Country Companies
Interim Management for Sales

Seize the opportunity of the market for the promotion of your product

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