B2B Sales of Consumer Goods in the DACH Region

Our focus on the D.A.CH region (German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) allows us to provide you with customized solutions for the distribution of your consumer goods. Our portfolio encompasses products such as home accessories, items for the table setting, home and kitchen textiles, household goods, small furniture, and much more

Unser Netzwerk und Kundenkontakte:

With years of experience, we have built an excellent network and maintain numerous active customer contacts in the DACH region. This enables us to develop customized solutions for your company and provide you with exclusive access to potential business partners


Our team of dedicated inside sales representatives manages the scheduling for our outside sales team, freeing them up to focus entirely on selling. This effective delegation of tasks enables us to strategically position your products and services in the market and take advantage of sales opportunities.

Professioneller Vertrieb:

Our professional sales team is at your disposal to showcase and successfully distribute your products in the market. Our sales process covers all aspects, from customer engagement and negotiations to order fulfillment

Was zu unserem professionellen Vertrieb gehört:

  • Market research and analysis for targeted sales strategies.
  • Customer-centric presentation and negotiation of your products.
  • Efficient order processing and after-sales support.
  • Regular reporting and transparent communication.

"Trust in our expertise and let us work together for success. Contact us today to learn how SCHÖNHAUS can propel your business forward in the DACH region. We look forward to collaborating with you!"

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