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As a trading agency, we responsibly take on trade representations of national and international companies in the consumer goods sector. We not only act as a distributor, but also support sales in the DACH countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Our task is to successfully represent the interests of our national and international partners in the market and successfully position their products in the DACH region.

As a trading agency, we view our services from both perspectives – both from the perspective of the companies we represent and from the perspective of our customers, especially specialist retailers or resellers. Our customers are our most important asset, and we attach great importance to their care. We are always available to help with problems, advocate for their concerns, and ensure that their needs are met. Customer care, sales promotion, and effective communication are generally at the center of our responsibilities as a trade representation for our customers.



Spring/Summer 24

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Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport, the renowned British brand for household, home accessories, and lifestyle, is a family business based in Lincolnshire that prides itself on high-quality standards.

Founded in 2006 by Sophie Allport and her brother Jem Allport, the company stands for charismatic design inspired by the countryside. The collection, characterized by a love for nature and landscape, currently includes over 2000 items.

Sophie Allport’s creativity, who studied design and graphics, is reflected in high-quality products. All designs and motifs are developed internally and sold exclusively to specialty retail. The exclusive product range encompasses a wide range, including dish towels, pot holders, espresso cups, coffee mugs, children’s products such as bibs and school backpacks, as well as dog accessories. Lampshades, tablecloths, bags, umbrellas, and much more – all in a unified design.

Sophie Allport relies on the highest quality, thoughtful design, and exclusivity to ensure that specialty stores can offer unique products to their customers.

Selbrae House

Spring/Summer 24

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Selbrae House

For over 35 years, the Carstairs family has been dedicated to growing their family business. From their origins in agriculture and the founding of Selbrae House with only a handful of slate products, the company has constantly evolved to meet the needs of their customers. Along the way, they have remained committed to new ideas, forward-thinking, craftsmanship, and family values.

The handmade kitchen collection is designed to bring joy into the kitchens of customers. Made with love and care, the kitchen accessories are crafted from the finest materials like slate, oak, olive wood, and linen.

What sets the kitchen collection apart are the striking engraved and screen-printed designs with charming rural motifs of animals and lettering. These delightful designs are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face while they are busy in the kitchen.

Many of the items in the brochure go through the entire process from raw materials to finished product in the production facilities in Kirkcaldy, Fife – everything is hand-finished and packaged. This hands-on approach ensures that the company maintains the highest level of quality and attention to detail.



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For over 500 years, Ekelund has been active in weaving and can be traced back to the 15th century, making it one of the oldest textile companies in the world. Rooted in Swedish traditional craftsmanship and design, Ekelund blends tradition with innovation. Its unchanging values aim to design and produce sustainable, unique, decorative, and functional textiles to beautify homes.

Based in Horred, Sweden, all products are designed and manufactured in Ekelund’s own weaving facility and distributed worldwide in over 20 markets. The strong textile tradition in the region, which has been the cradle of the Swedish textile industry for over a century, is a source of pride for Ekelund, contributing to local craftsmanship, textile design, innovation, and sustainable manufacturing methods.

With a commitment to environmental protection, Ekelund emphasizes sustainability in every step. The use of 100% natural fibers and ecologically grown linen and cotton ensures GOTS certification and a sustainable life cycle from planting to distribution. The goal is to provide added value to everyone involved in the process, from farmers to end consumers, now and in the future.

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